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O.M.G. (Onion. Mustard. Garlic.) The ultra-umami blend of onion, mustard, and garlic adds bold, savory flavor to any dish, creating instant depth and complexity. 

Ingredients: onion, mustard, garlic, spices

Sofrico Aromatic onion, pepper, and tomato Inspired by the rich tomato flavor of Puerto Rican-style sofrito, this blend spotlights the slow-simmered taste of sweet peppers, onion, garlic, and herbs.
Ingredients: tomato, sweet pepper, bay leaves, spices

Cataluña A smoldering blend of sweet and savory. Cataluña spotlights smoked paprika and smoked cinnamon for a robust earthy-sweet finish with a hint of orange.
Ingredients: pimentón, smoked cinnamon, orange, spices


Made in New York